Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee
We have some positions open!

If you want to get more out of our organization, one of the best ways is putting more in! Click here to volunteer.

The cost for an individual to join USMS for June 1, 2020 thru December 31, 2021 is $60.00.

For those of you who want to join and be affiliated with the Colonials 1776 team, add an additional $5.00.

Delaware Valley Masters does not wish to cause financial hardship to any swimmer and has installed a new policy of considering applications for relief in such situations. If you feel you need this assistance please drop a note explaining the circumstances to our Registrar and we will quickly get you an answer. Email - or postal mail to: Janet Jastremski, Registrar, 717 Willow St., Apt. 2A, Lansdale, PA 19446.

Note that $8.00 of your registration
will go towards your subscription
to the official USMS magazine
USMS Swimmer

Brigantine Green Head Masters (BGHM)RegisterRoster
Central Bucks Family YMCA (CBFY)RegisterRoster
Colonials 1776 (1776)RegisterRoster
Delaware Open Water Swim Club (DOW)RegisterRoster
Dumpster Fish (DFSH)RegisterRoster
Fins Aquatics Club (FINS)RegisterRoster
First State Masters (FST)RegisterRoster
Friendsí Central Aquatics (FCA)RegisterRoster
GPCC Masters Program (GPCC)RegisterRoster
Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club (GPAC)RegisterRoster
Hanover YMCA Sr. Stingrays ( HAYS)RegisterRoster
Hockessin Athletic Club (HACM)RegisterRoster
Jersey Wahoos Masters (JWM)RegisterRoster
Kennett Area Masters Sea Turtle (KAST)RegisterRoster
Landshark Masters (LASH)RegisterRoster
Lehigh Mountain Hawk Masters (LEHI)RegisterRoster
Lifetime Swim Delaware Valley (LTDV)RegisterRoster
Ocean City Swim Club (OCSC)RegisterRoster
Penn Heron Open Water Swimming (PENN)RegisterRoster
South Jersey Aquatics Club Masters (SJAC)RegisterRoster
Southern PA Aquatic Club (SPAQ)RegisterRoster
Team Kang Swimming Club ( TK)RegisterRoster
Spring Valley YMCA Masters (SVY)RegisterRoster
Stuttgart Piranhas Masters (STGM)RegisterRoster
Suburban Seahawk Masters (SSM)RegisterRoster
Swarthmore College Masters Swimming (SCMS)RegisterRoster
Villanova Masters Swimming (VMS)RegisterRoster
Wildwood Crest Dolphin Masters (WWCM)RegisterRoster
Williamsport Area Swim Club (WASC)RegisterRoster
YWCA Masters of Adams County (YWMA)RegisterRoster
Unattachedand of course UC08RegisterRoster

Swimmers can also join USMS via a secure web interface and print a copy of your registration card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Click here

To print a copy of your USMS card: Click here.

Click here to download a Transfer of Club Membership form.

Click here to download a printable club application form.

Click here to download a printable Workout Group Membership Application form.

Benefits of membership include:
  • The opportunity to participate in USMS sanctioned events.
  • Subscription to USMS Swimmer magazine during the length of the membership year
  • Secondary accident insurance coverage at sanctioned meets and at supervised workouts when all participants are USMS members

  • Motivation to swim regularly
  • Improve your fitness and become stronger
  • Sharing and enjoying swimming with others
  • Reduce your stress
  • The opportunity to meet new people

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