Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee
We have some positions open!
Office Name Term Expiration
Elected Officers:
Chairman:Jeremy Gross, (
Vice-Chairman:Stephen Dougherty, (
Treaurer:Joe Boris, (
Secretary:Alex Bromley, (
Appointed Committee Chairs:
Coaches:Dave Schneider, ( Term limit
Competition:Geoff Meyer, ( Term limit
Fitness:Kim Inverso, ( Term limit
Long Distance/Open Water:Delia Perez, ( Term limit
Diversity and Inclusion:Geoff Meyer, ( Term limit
Marketing:Pamela Shepard, ( Term limit
Membership Coordinator:Barbara Burke, ( Term limit
Officials:Dave Diehl, ( Term limit
Records:Gary Sangmeister, ( Term limit
Sanctions:Tom Patterson, ( Term limit
Social/Recognition:Stephen Dougherty, (
Jeremy Gross, (
No Term limit
Top Ten Recorder:Jeremy Gross, ( Term limit
Web Master:Dan Allen, ( Term limit

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