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If you have any interesting stories about any Delaware Valley masters swimmers that you would like to share please forward them to Dan Allen.

Tracy Clarkson (2019 Outstanding Open Water/Long Distance Swimmer) My Swimming Story. Posted on Masters Swimming Australia. PDF version

Liberty Sports Magazine article on Germantown Academy Aquatic Club. by Rebecca Guenard, April, 2012

Swim Through 'The Sanctuary'
by Chuck Douros Jan. 2011
Bruckner Chase, of Ocean City, New Jersey, is a solo marathon, open water swimmer and ocean ambassador. He's a USMS member, coach and founder of Ocean City Swim Club, a USMS team. Chase is also a registered professional member of the U.S. Lifeguard Association. More

Ego Puffing can be fun by swimming 100 x 100's October 10, 2010 - By Linda VanOcker - What could I do to encourage swimmers to show up to swim a 10,000 meter workout in the outdoor 50 meter pool, for a fundraiser for the Upper Main Line YMCA's Y-cares Scholarship fund? That may seem difficult for some of us, but for many Delaware Valley Masters swimmers it was an ego puffing and fun challenge. more

Risk Factors for Shoulder Pain in Swimmers Across the Lifespan - a women's study that some of DV Masters Swimmers participated. more

Read the Lane Line, formerly the official publication of the Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee. You will need the free Acrobat reader in order to view and print the document. If you don't have it already, it's a free download and well worth installing.

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