Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee
We have some positions open!

The LMSC recently had its annual meeting and there are many exciting things to report. For one, I am pleased to announce the elections of Laurie Hug as our Vice Chair and Pat Timmins as our Treasurer. Please welcome both Laurie and Pat in their new roles. Their commitment to the LMSC and their experience will surely make us a better organization.

Barney Hungerford reported that the 2005 Open Water season was a tremendous success. Warm water and great weather attributed to that success as many events were well attended.

This years' Short Course season may be the busiest ever. Ten different aquatic facilities have expressed interest in hosting a meet for the upcoming season. The season begins December 11th at the Reading YMCA. It could get real busy during the winter and early spring months. However, some facilities are vying for the same date. Stay tuned as we try to iron things out between the facilities and determine the best dates for all. The schedule also includes the Colonies Zone Championship meet on April 21-23 and the USMS National Championship meet on May 11-14.

Circle your calendars for June 17 & 18. It will be the DV-LMSC "Celebration Weekend". The first day of celebration will be on Saturday night, the 17th. On that night, the LMSC will host its first ever annual awards banquet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia, PA. It will be a night that recognizes achievement in a festive atmosphere. We will have a dinner buffet, a cash bar, awards and music. On the following day the Upper Main Line YMCA will host the 2nd annual Jeanne & John Merryman Memorial LCM Swim Meet to celebrate the lives of two very special people. Please plan to attend both events. The hotel has offered us special rates for those people who want to stay overnight at the hotel.

Congratulations to Mollie Grover, Janet Bright, Brian Furlong and Dave Harrison who achieved "national champion" status at the USMS LCM National Championship held in August. USMS publishes the LCM Top Ten times for 2005 in December. Look for them on our web site in the upcoming weeks.

November 1st marks the beginning of the USMS "new" year. It is time to register for the upcoming 2006 season. You will see that the LMSC's registration form has a new sleeker, modern look this year. I would like to thank Erica Flickinger for the time she volunteered to develop the design. It's all about image and I want the LMSC to portray a good one in every shape and form.

A note to those swimmers who attend swim meets outside of our region. Please inform me of any record-breaking performances. It helps me keep an accurate set of DV-LMSC records. And, you deserve to be recognized.

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